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Synthetic Turf Pitches Petersfield


How many Synthetic Turf Pitches are there in Petersfield?

There are 3 Synthetic Turf Pitches in Petersfield.

They include Churchers College built in 2006 (60 parking spaces), Petersfield School built in 2010 (25 parking spaces), Bedales School built in 1990 (45 parking spaces), built in . The sites include various disabled facilities such as

Synthetic Turf Pitches | Sand Filled | Other Independent School

CHURCHERS COLLEGE is a Sand Filled owned and operated by CHURCHERS COLLEGE.

Ramshill GU31 4AS Details >>

Synthetic Turf Pitches | Rubber crumb pile (3G) | Foundation School

PETERSFIELD SCHOOL is a Rubber crumb pile (3G) owned and operated by HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL.

Cranford Road GU32 3LU Details >>

Synthetic Turf Pitches | Sand Dressed | Other Independent School

BEDALES SCHOOL is a Sand Dressed owned and operated by BEDALES SCHOOL.

Church Road GU32 2DG Details >>